DJ G-Tech

From the early age of ten George has had a great interest in music. As he grew older, he began listening to Hip-Hop artists such as Wu Tang, DMX and Big Pun. G-Tech's first Djing appearance was at his junior high school dance in 1998. Him and a close friend, who later also became a co-worker, invested in equipment and gave everyone a good time. The event gave him the confidence and inspiration it took to go forward and continue on to the career of his dreams. He continued Djing at parties for the following three years and gained more experience, skill, and popularity. In 2002, He began to work for a successful Dj who was successful in the New York City club scene. They played at private parties and weddings and eventually, in 2003, He got his first big Djing gig at Ruby club in the New York City Village. Also around this time, After a couple of years, he took his work to Caprice, a very popular Greek and house inspired club in Astoria, NY. In 2006, He took a job working in Astoria's premier nightclub, Central, which lasted up until 2010. Along with this great success as a resident DJ at Central, he appeared as a guest DJ at premier and upscale clubs such as Nikki Beach, Deep, Green House, and many more.  George "G-Tech" Currently holds a residency at NYC's Newest and Hottest Night Club Lounge Cienna.